We Love (WL) Gaming esports (herein referred to as “WLG”) is an esports organization founded in Athens, Greece by Giannis Mollas on August 2015 while George Angelopoulos joined from October 2016 as Co-Founder/ Investor.

From 2016 onwards, WLG established a structured corporate governance with George Angelopoulos as the CEO, Giannis Mollas as the General Manager and has been building upon this structure since, with the addition of experienced professionals from all related industries. WLG’s initial drive was to create and manage professional esports teams and players, on behalf of WLG itself and of 3rd parties (such as football clubs), that shall participate in multiple esports games / titles through a stable gaming environment, whilst educating proper gaming culture and a Winner’s mindset. Since its’ foundation however, WLG has rapidly involved to the most popular Greek – Cypriot esports organization for competitive – skilled professional video gaming by engaging its’ large loyal fan base via their website and social media. WLG’s now aspires to also become the de-facto player in regional esports events hosting, esports consultancy and esports venue management, through a visionary operating model. Some of our Accomplishments: 1st Place/ Champions – League Of Legends at GameAthlon4 2017 2nd Place Lan/ Grand final Overwatch – TIF/ΔΕΘ 2016 3rd Place Lan/ Final Four CS:GO – TIF/ΔΕΘ 2016 Our Vision:

To establish a compelling esports brand name within the global esports industry, not only through the success of its’ own professional teams, but also through the creation of an overall professional ecosystem and gaming culture for all esports players, teams and brands.