MedellinC- Hello Tommy and thank you for accepting our invite! Tell us some info about yourself!

Tommy– Hi, my name is Tommy, I am 29 years old and a German Hearthstone player. I am a streamer dedicated to learning and teaching the lessons I learned. I started playing in January and so far have been legend four times. Additionally, I make guides on YouTube like my guide to legend .

Med.- Whats your favorite class and what’s your favorite deck.

Tom.- That’s a tough question. As favorite deck I have to pick Midrange Paladin, because it has high consistency and is able to win every match up. However, I also really like Midrange Hunter, because I like to pressure my opponent and end the game before any combo strategy can be developed. As favorite class I pick Rogue, because “Mistakes were made” ;).

Med.- Who’s your favorite professional Hearthstone player and why?

Tom.- My favorite professional Hearthstone player right now is Hotform, because he is super chilled and relaxed on stream. I also like his principles such as he thinks that the game/streaming is also about making friends and building relationships. I always had trouble playing Tempo Mage until I read Hotforms guide, although I cannot reproduce the insane win rate he reports against Secret Paladin.

Med.- Who do you believe is the best player you ever faced in ladder?

Tom.- It’s hard to tell which player is the “best”. The most famous are probably Neirea, Zetalot and RomanP. I really liked the highly individual and self-made deck by RomanP which he used to get to rank #1 legend (he was rank #3 when I lost against him). Zetalot is one of my favorite streamers and he gave me always a tough time when I faced him. The game vs Neirea is available on YouTube 

Med. –What’s your opinion on recent warsong commander nerf (rip patron BibleThump)?

Tom.- My opinion is a bit split on the nerf. On the one hand Patron Warrior was insanely strong and not fun to play against. You got punished by playing minions and had no way to win without playing minions. On the other hand Patron kept the Aggro decks down. Post nerf we already see Aggro Druid and Face Hunter with increased popularity in the ladder, because they have decent match ups against the almighty Secret Paladin which was also kept down by Patron Warrior. I think they could have chosen an option where the Patron deck could stay alive, for instance, limit the number of minions getting charge per turn by 1 or 2. If that was not enough they could have lowered the health of the Frothing Berserker like Trump suggested. However, there are already posts by people who got legend with a nerfed deck so maybe I am totally wrong here ;).

Med.- Many people say that hearthstone will never become huge in E-sports since it relies heavily on RNG. What do you believe of the RNG in game?

Tom.- Hearthstone is already huge in E-sports. Just look at the sheer number of daily tournaments, the team leagues, the invitational and the daily ranked climb on the ladder gets refreshed every month. If Blizzard keeps up the good work Hearthstone will grow even further and their plan is to maintain it over 10 years. I am super fine with mostly low-impact random effects like a Knife Juggler or a Piloted Shredder, because Hearthstone is after all a card game which relies on the order of your cards already. However, I am not too happy about the fact that more and more high swing random cards are release. For instance, a Ram Wrangler has the potential to instantly win you the game by creating a King Crush. If you look at my recent Midrange Hunter guide , I still do not recommend to play the card, so it seems to be balanced ;).
Med.- What do you expect for Hearthstone in the incoming BlizzCon??

Tom.– I am really looking forward to BlizzCon. I hope it will be an amazing tournament and lots of fun and interesting games. I cheer for LifeCoach and Hotform, but I am also super curious to see what the Chinese players are bringing, as they are the huge unknown for everyone.
Med.- Thank you Tommy for your time, any shout-outs?

Tom.– You are welcome! Always happy to see you on my stream. Make sure to follow the rules and always summon Huffer ;).

You can find Tommy in Twitch and YouTube